Wine tasting in Tuscany

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Wow… these past couple days in Italy were unbelievable and beyond anything I could have imagined…
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Tallinn revisited

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A week in Tallinn, Estonia.
Not much to say that wasn’t covered in my previous post from when I was here for NYE a couple years back, except that it was more fun with my friend S in town, and a cheesy Vengaboys show 😛

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Turku and a wonderful week off in Amsterdam + Berlin

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I’ve been neglectful in keeping this updated, but it’s been an interesting and busy few weeks: One week in Turku, Finland and then a week off on holidays where we bounced around Amsterdam and Berlin.
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A cluster o’ Eurotrippins

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So I’m currently in Finland on a train from Helsinki to Turku, and I’m realizing that I’ve been horrendously neglectful in keeping my posts up to date, so this is going to be a quick run-through of the cities we’ve been visiting in the past 5 weeks: Copenhagen, Oslo, Stockholm and Helsinki.
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Santo Domingo should be avoided.

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So, Santo Domingo in the Domincan Republic sounded nice on paper… You always hear about the nice tropical resorts in DR, but those are in the north. Santo Domingo is in the south, and is a crumbling, poverty stricken, crime ridden far from the gated resorts up north. This city holds a special place for me, as it’s the first place I’ve ever visited where you’re right on the ocean, but cannot swim in the ocean – it’s so cluttered with garbage, pollution, and waves of human excrement that it’s been ruined. Our hotel was right across the street from the beach, which sounds nice, until you see the wall of people hanging out along the beach who are all waiting to eye you up and shake you down as soon as you leave the hotel, and occasionally step over and lean over the cliffs to shit into the ocean — the waterfront is literally their toilet.
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Austin is unTexas

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So it’d been about 8 years since I was last in Austin, and it’s still one of the best cities in the US: it’s got a music scene like very few other places, a greaser redneck culture that’s actually cultured, amazing BBQ, a sexy drawl, and good bars on every corner. As an american city, it’s not without it’s endless sprawl, complete reliance on cars, and a disbelief in vegitables, but it makes up for it by being sincerely itself.
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San Juan is Carribean lite

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From Florida, I took a roundabout flight (PNS->North Dakota->Philly->SJU = milage run) to San Juan, Puerto Rico on Friday the 9th of November. The muggy, warm tropical air was welcomed, and after picking up my rental car and taking a few wrong turns through San Juan’s seedier neighbourhoods, I got to our hotel and met up with Chris who had a record setting three days off in a row.
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Pensacola is the taint of America.

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Pensacola Florida for 4 days during the US election. It started off with my cabbie blasting FOX news radio, and when I claimed ignorance of American politics he took that as a cue to inform me all about the evils of Obama. It didn’t take much prodding and shitdisturbing before he said he’d be thankful for his guns if that muslim, socialist got re-elected.

Yes, this is Pensacola, Florida.
Geographically, Florida is America’s penis.
Mentally, Pensacola is the taint.

I’ve given Florida a good chance now, with time spent in Tampa, Orlando, and Lakeland (shudder), and though I’ve been told that the Keys and Miami are awesome, I’ll be happy if I never have to return.

Seriously, this place is a devoid of most everything I value… It’s a vapid soulless vacation destination for Alabama and the Jersey Shore full of toxic oil dispersant beaches and deep fryer cuisine. It’s braindeath by blonde hair bleach, pretending it doesn’t have a cancerous silicone core of leaky discount boob jobs.

Thankfully, we were only there a few days, but even in that time I could feel my mental capacities start to dwindle, and actually developed a drawwwwwl — there’s seriously something in the water or air down there that makes people stupid.

The only good thing I can really say about the place is that it will be one of the first places taken care of by rising sea levels.

Not a fan.

Boston is pretty bitchin.

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After an extended stay of taking care of some things on the homefront, it was time to hit the road again and make my way to Boston for a short week.

With years of touring europe and exotic locales, the US loses a bit of appeal due to the unvarying nature of most cities (“Hey, have you been to that town with the Walmart and the dead main street?”), but I’ve got to say that Boston was pretty cool and exceeded expectations.
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Motorcycle trip to Burningman

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With some unexpected open schedule, the offer of a free ticket, and a twitchy throttle hand, quick plans were laid to ride my motorbike from Vancouver to Gerlach Nevada for the Burningman festival.

How was it? Infinitely worthwhile.
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