While passing thru Frankfurt…

Posted by jswt | Posted in General | Posted on 25-09-2009


Currently sitting in the Frankfurt airport suffering from some sleep deprivation and disorientation at some time of day that resembles morningish… Killing time before I catch my next (and final) flight for the “day”.

Was weird getting ready to leave — I’ve been battling a serious mental block for weeks: some strange pull was resisting my departure.

But, when it boils down to it:
Cat? check.
Housesitter? check.
Everything housesitter needs? check.
Ability to work on the road? check.
Work stuff set up with 3 levels of fallback? check.

So… wtf? Why’s it so difficult for me to pull back and pop off? It’s been long while since I’ve gone away for a stretch like this, and I guess I’m in a very different place. The past couple years have really seen me nesting and locking into a routine, broken by fits of revelry and creativity, but overall, nothing terribly outside the norm. I’m hoping the mental block was just the weight of the dust that had piled on top of my unused variance and adventuresome spirit.

Did have an interesting encounter the day before I left… someone quite affectionately ingrained in my history wandered by, and as we had almost 5 years of catching up to do, we spent the better part of the day surfing waves of discourse. In the to and fro banter, it came apparent in my mind that the timing wasn’t coincidental, and that I was being offered a Catalyst reminding me that not everyone’s a dreamer, but of those dreamers, it’s the ones that can actually follow through that step up to their capabilities. Having big dreams is key, but staring down that path you’ll never start or get anything done — you need to define all the milestones to get to that dream, and then break those down into manageable tasks and just keep chewing through em until ya suddenly look back and it’s done.

Sleep deprived babbling ends here for now… off to catch my next flight.

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