Helsinki -> Turku

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Last night was the 4yr anniversary of when my partner and I met (different than when we started dating, which we count as our actual anniversary), and since it was our last night in Helsinki we went out on the town to check out a few things…

First, we went to what might have been my favorite thing in Helsinki – the Yrjönkatu Indoor Swimming Pool. It’s this beautiful turn of the century indoor pool that’s seriously old and classy with marble arches and tiled floors. We paid the extra for the upstairs floor which gets you a cabana thing (with your own balcony and table overlooking the pool area) and access to the steam baths and the authentic wood sauna. Saunas are a serious part of the culture here, and there were families and groups of friends hanging out as a kickoff to their Saturday evening. It was rediculously civilized to be able to hang out and get served a beer at the f’n pool.

We went for dinner at a really nice multifloor place with a restaurant on top, then out for some sleazyfun clubbing, and while Paul van Dyk held appeal, we headed home for an early night.

It’s transfer day for my partner, so after a nice breakfast, I caught a train to Turku, Finland with the cutest little brazillian girl who’s suitcase was bigger and heavier than she was. Checked into the hotel, and walked around a bit to get a feel for the area… Definately different than Helsinki (less eastern euopean feeling, but not as much flash and cash)… Our hotel is right on the main square, and it’s cool to look out and see a living city.

Gonna just take it easy this evening… Jet lag is still kicking my ass really bad. I keep waking up at 4am and can’t get back to sleep, so I haven’t really slept more than a few hours since I got here. Think it’s gonna break today tho, since I’m battling to stay away in a big way… fingers crossed.

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