Turku? Turk me!

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So we’ve been in Turku, Finland for a few days now and I’m still trippin on Euro-bliss… Seriously – everyone’s well dressed, polite, speaks better english than most people i know, and the food is fantastic.

The cities here have evolved as proper livable communities with neighborhoods each having a market, a butcher, a fish shop, cafes, fantastic non-chain clothing shops, arty cultural thangs… You don’t have to drive anywhere, and there’s bike paths on every street. It’s really a contrast to the majority of NA mall-land living where even your local Quik-E-Mart is going to be a 5 minute drive away.

We had yesterday off, so spent the day wandering around exploring the city. We’re staying right across the street from the big open city square that fills up every morning with vendors booths selling fresh produce, fish, meats, flowers, breads, and other foods. We’re also half a block from a giant market that provided the means necesecary for a fantastic lunch. Lattes on patios, riverside wandering, and ubershopping… Nice italian dinner of fresh pasta and good wine, and as we’d maxed out on Finnish for the day, we curled up in bed and binged on some (really fantastic) English media.

This isn’t so much a vacation, as I’m treating it as part of life and I realize that there’s gotta be a proper balance maintained. In contrast to maximizing our days off, I’m also trying to settle into a work routine on the days Chris is working where I lock myself in the hotel room and bang away at the bytes… Tho still having a hard time sleeping thru the night, I managed to get out of bed for breakfast, and then came back and knocked off the tail end of a project for a client back home and worked a bit on a side project I’ve been working on for myself which I hope to have finished and ready to launch by the time I head back home in a week and a half.

Work sorted, I went for a great run and came across a pool, so I swam some laps and made the body happy. Lookin foward to a lazy night where I’m hopefully going to finally crack the jetlagness and settle into a healthy balanced routine.

Sorry the posts aren’t gonna be all chaotic frivolity, but I promise there will be more cheeky tales to come 😉

Random pix from yesterday’s wanderings…

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