Helsinki -> Oslo

Posted by jswt | Posted in Finland - Helsinki, General, Norway - Oslo | Posted on 04-10-2009


Sitting at the Helsinki airport waiting for a plane to Oslo. Took until yesterday for us to realize that though Norway is in Europe, it’s not part of the European Union. Knowing is half the battle (and luckily not requiring and special visas is the other).

Standard issue Saturday for the most part – we both worked all day, packed and chilled out at night… I guess “weekends” are sorta variant when you’re organizing a schedule around the requirements of the entertainment industry. We’re both going to have Mon/Tues off (a midweek weekend!) to explore Oslo and settle in, so that should be interesting.

Feeling a little homesick today, as my trips are usually one week long and my brain’s already heading back to my bed at home, while my body’s headed to the land of Vikings… Sure it’ll change as soon as I get on this flight, and of course once I get home I’ll be bored and itchin to pop back out, but right now I miss my cat 😛

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Even when it’s sleepy like that it looks like it wants to kill me