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First off, holy *shit* is Oslo expensive.
Everyone warned me about it, but it’s clear now there’s a reason it’s been ranked Europe’s Most Expensive City.

Cost aside, the city is amazing… it’s kind of got a bit of a Vancouver vibe to it: a lot more laid back and casual than Finland, but still with a sophistication that dresses it up, and an intellect that makes it worth the conversation.

Slept in, grabbed a late breakfast, got some work done, and then had a fantastic wander. First off was harbourfront opera house, with it’s beautiful interactive architecture (you can walk right up it and all over the roof). Then we checked out the junkie zoo (this spot under a caged in pedestrian bridge where the junkies do their squirmy little dance while health workers shoot them up with clean needles). But that was as dank as the city got – the rest of it was fantastic and beautiful. Imagine a classic oldy worldy San Francisco with endless streets and crisscrossed laneways, each one it’s own adventure of unique shopping, cafes, venues, and styles/cultures. Ran into random pods of crew, had a fantastic lunch of duck in orange sauce with melon and mango, caught the changing of the guard at the palace, drooled over window shopping, celebrity spotted and just wandered aimlessly between caffeine chillouts on cafe patios under a clear blue sky.

Sitting back in the hotel room having a pear cider, watching the sun set behind a castle while reflections cast themselves across the nearly still water in the harbor.

So far, Oslo is happymaking.

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