Copenhagen Glam-o-rama

Posted by jswt | Posted in Denmark - Copenhagen, General | Posted on 26-10-2009


So I flew out of YVR on Friday, and ended up in Copenhagen on Saturday afternoon, and had a lazy evening pushing thru to a ‘normal hour’. Sunday was grey but not raining, so we explored the city a bit. It’s a beautiful old city — winding mazes of 4 story 1600-1700s architecture along canals and cobblestone streets with vaulted windows aside carved faces peering out from stone fronts. It feels direct and strong – kind of like dutch forthrightness, and you can tell everyone’s partied hard but are bluntly polite and caring.

Sunday night was Chris’ work party, where they’d rented out a bar and kicked out a glam-rock theme. The venue was cool – it was a concept bar owned and run by an artist who didn’t care much for subtlety (there was a big neon vagina on the sign out front and the artwork inside was… direct.) My favorite piece by the artist was an emaciated black kid holding his Ugandan ID that showed his name was the same as the artist. Ends up the guy donated clothing and supplies to a starving african village with the clause that everyone in the village change their name to his.


I was both disgusted and awestruck – which I suppose is the sign of good art.

Of course the party was fantastic, and I got to DJ what ended up being a really sick set of glam rock jams that popped the party pretty damn well. [A reminder to myself reinforced towards the end of the set last night – don’t take f’n requests… the drunk people might want to make recommendations, but they rarely have any sense of flow, and trying to make them all happy will just mangle the set – stick with what ya know and just play a good set.]

Many cocktails and energy drinks into the night, the lights came on and we stumbled back to the hotel around 4am and slept in till early afternoon.

It’s now 4pm on Monday, and I’m lying in bed having a fantastic picnic of fresh bread, pate, almond stuffed olives, shrimp, sugarsnap peas, and a few types of cheese. It’s a great way to be spending Chris’ day off on this grey, rainy afternoon.

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