Copenhagen is my mistress.

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So it’s Thursday night, and I’m in love with Copenhagen… she’s my sexy, sultry mistress, and today she shone thru with a sunny demeanor for the first time.

Past couple days were a mellow but deliciously satisfying routine (work/wander/gym/pub) and while it’s been pretty grey and dreary, I’ve been taking every chance I can to get out and wander around this city — it’s really, really fantastic. I’ve kinda been thinking of it in the context of Vancouver back home… If Vancouver was a freshly bottled wine, Copenhagen’s what it’d be like if it were perfectly aged for 300 years. It was pretty much left intact during the war, so the architecture is all 1600-1800s beauty, and the city is made for wandering and socializing.

It’s flat, and they’ve built a brilliant bike system into the roadways so there’s literally thousands upon thousands of bikes everywhere … people biking to the market to fill up the basket, to and from work, home from the pub with friends… It’s the best use of and the most bikes I’ve ever seen in a city, and is entirely responsible for the light vehicle traffic and the clean smog-free air. (Note: sidewalk beside bike path beside road = look twice before stepping out).

Today Chris had the day off work, and the sun came out for the first time so we spent the day wandering the city… Strolling aimlessly along canals, through parks, and investigating the endless little shops… Lunch and coffees, churches and galleries, statues and fountains… Mmmmmm.

We also spent almost an hour in a town square where this amazing photo/info installation was set up. It was called 100 Places To Visit Before They’re Gone and featured photos, histories and issues facing 100 places threatened by climate change and environmental concerns. It was seriously beautiful, moving and depressing… I highly recommend you take a few minutes to check it out @

So after we walked over 11km (thanks google!), had a nice dinner out, hit the gym, we’re back here, just catching up on some work and chilling out .

This trip’s been even better than the last so far — I’ve got jetlag figured out better, without the distractions of homelife my work hours in the hotel room are way more productive than at home, and it’s just really nice to be here…

Looking foward to what the Halloween weekend brings 🙂

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