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This morning (Saturday, Oct 31st) the group Chris is touring with was invited to come for a tour of Tivoli. As our tour guide explained, it’s not really an amusement park, and not quite a theme park, “it’s more of a pleasure garden” that has concerts, restuarants, rides… “but not in the tacky traditional sense”.

They’re currently closed until they reopen for a couple weeks in late December, and it was really cool to be wandering around an abandoned theme park. It’s over 160 years old, and it’s a wonderful collage of styles, themes and eras that all fit together well. Of course, some of the rides and amusements look frighteningly ancient, but that’s kind of what gives it a unique charm.

Every single thing there was covered in lights and it would be wonderful to see it lit up, especially with some snow cover at Christmastime, but spending the dreary grey morning wandering through an abandoned amusement park with the only sound being that of feet rustling through orange/yellow/green piles of fallen autumn leaves was a suitably unique and eerie Halloween experience 🙂

Just wanted to get these pictures posted before heading down for a nap and packing before wandering off to the Halloween party we’re going to tonight… Thanks to my new favorite energy drink (Yay to 40z of malt liquor w/ caffiene, and mad respek to their saucy advertising campaign too) I’m not sure how much sleep I’m gonna be getting before flying to Sweden early tomorrow morning 🙂

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