Copenhagen wrapup

Posted by jswt | Posted in Audio, Denmark - Copenhagen, General | Posted on 07-11-2009


So, I’m pretty sure looking back on it that Copenhagen is my new favorite city that I’ve visited… as someone said the other day: “Copenhagen is one of those cities that you’re allowed to be an adult. If you want to go have a beer, go right ahead. No one’s going to tell you not to, because you’re responsible for your decisions. Be a grownup, and have fun”. That pretty much sums it up.

The halloween party was pretty fantastic and epic… 31,000 people all in white… good tunes… a fun night out fo’sure.

Favorite set of the night went to Axwell and Sebastian Ingrosso(download the set here), which had the place bouncing something silly.

Party ended @ 3am, cabs were impossible and it was about an hour walk back to the hotel but it was really cool – wandering the streets as the sun came up while clusters of white dressed people floated around in the darkness like spirits…

I liked Copenhagen a lot, and hope to get back there one day.

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