Into the silence…

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I’m settling back into the homefront, but need to add one last thing before I go silent…

Yesterday, I had a 5hr layover in LHR Terminal 3 that was it’s standard mayhem and chaos.

(For anyone who’s never been thru London Heathrow, there’s hundreds of gates and thousands upon thousands of people waiting for flights in a giant waiting chamber which amplifies everyone’s pushiness because it’s the UK and no one knows if they should walk on the right or left and it’s just an antsy aggro mess).

In the UK, I guess they celebrate rememberance day on Sunday the 8th, because at 10:58am an announcement was made about the 2 minutes of silence appropaching at 11am. Everything continued along as it’s pushy hustle and bustle, until a chime rang at 11 and a silence fell through the whole place. Not a kind of semi-polite-lets-continue-along-our-business-quietly type of silence, but a complete and total freezeframe of people stopped in their tracks not moving, and no one saying a word through the entire building.

It was 2 minutes of complete wonderful amazement that so many people could pause in unification like that, and even though we were reflecting upon those lost at war and the undesirable savages of battle, I felt joy well up in my chest at both the synchronization of society and my luck at random presence of something so powerful.

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I think the rule is that Remembrance Day in the UK is always on the closest Sunday to the 11th November.

Your story reminds me of the 2 min silence they held after the London Tube bombings. I was out in Soho Square and the *whole* town came to a halt. A truly strange feeling, but immensely powerful at the same time.

Loving the blog by the way!