Welcome to 2nd class.

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So I spent Tuesday afternoon walking around Geneva’s downtown and never have I had a city make me feel quite so much like a human trashbag.

There is just so much pompous wealth in this city it’s depressing. Everyone’s buried their money here in the private banks that are all over the city centre, and pops in to check on it from time to time and pick up a new fur/facelift/supercar/$50k watch (Piaget/Patek Phillipe/Rolex… line em up!). It seems as well that when you take that wealth and apply a heavy smear of French attitude across the Swiss, it turns into a very strong and unpleasant mix.

The people aside, the city is beautiful – it’s centered around a bay where the Rhone river meets the Geneva lake. It’s all beautiful old buildings over top of winding wonderful alleyways. I wandered up through the UN/WTO area yesterday where there is a fortified zone right up on the hill that you can tell was built hundreds of years ago. No streetfront cafes here, but lots of nice looking restaurants and choclatiers – it’s just unfortunate that they won’t give the time of day to anyone not flashing cash.

When I was taking the train back, I got on with the metro pass supplied by the hotel.
The attendant checked my ticket and said “this is a 2nd class ticket. you need to go 2 trains back”.
That kind of sums up this city.

So yeah — I’m kind of mixed on Geneva…
I think it’s just a very pretty city, full of richly adorned assholes.

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