…going where the climate suits my clothes.

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This post has been a little long forthcoming, because I’ve been much too distracted with Barcelona.

I had no idea.
I really just had no idea…

It’s fantastic here.

The city is old and insanely beautiful.
The people ooze beauty through style, but with sincerity.
I’ve never been in a city this bustling.

Barcelona seems to run on their own schedule… I don’t know if it’s a mediteranian thing, or a spanish thing, or what, but they’re on a different rhythm than I’m used to. Restaurants don’t open until 8 or 8:30 at night. Bars don’t open until midnight. Clubs don’t open until 1 or 2, and dont pick up until much later. I gather this comes from summer siesta, where it’d be too hot here to do anything during the day, and they just go and chill and build up some energy to go out when it cools down and enjoy the evening. Back home, fight to get up early, drink coffee to power through the day, and then crash exhausted. I’m a night owl by nature, but even though I’m keeping “weird” hours, I’m feeling better rested than usual, and making the most of the days here… It just feels like a much more natural rhythm.

We had a great NYE: None of the parties in town started until at least 1am, so stayed in and did our own thing until about 2. Went out to a club to meet up with a bunch of Chris’ work people who’d landed a private section at a big beachfront club. Good times.

Have been wandering but not taking many pictures. I usually find myself stopping to snap good architecture, but there’s literally so much beauty and intricate details all over this entire city that taking a single picture would be pointless.

I do appreciate how they’ve got a sense of history that lets them put effort into perspective. I’m sure they didn’t need to do all the detailing to get it up and functional, but when you know it’s going to be there for a few hundred years, you might as well put in the effort to long term effect.

Was worried about Barcelona’s reputation as pickpocket paradise, but though it’s a matter of fact it happens, I still have felt safer wandering around here than I do in back home (I’ll take petty crime over violent crime).

Did have a bit of a hard time with the language barrier – this is the first time I’ve been somewhere that didn’t have a default English backup, or able to get by on my French. Getting better at it, but it was intimidating trying to get food or interact when you can’t read a single sign or communicate what you’re staying without making strange noises and doing some pidgin version of sign-language.

So, Barcelona… Still not sure if it beats out Copenhagen, but easily falls into a close second in my wanders so far… It still has a fighting chance though:

We’ve been here a week now, and luckily have another week to go.
This city has a lot more to offer, and I’m really not in any rush to leave.

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