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Currently on a bus from Valencia to Alicante to catch a plane to Santiago de Compostela. Been back in Spain for a few days now, and am falling back into the rhythm I so fell in love with in Barcelona back at NYE.

Travelled from Tuesday morning and arrived Wednesday afternoon (very luckily the day before the whole volcano plume ash cloud madness grounded flights in all of northern europe!) In the battle against jetlag, I forced myself to stay awake until Chris got home from work around midnight. Grabbed some groceries, settled into hotel, and went for a nice walk along the old riverbed park that runs through the whole of Valencia – after a flood back in the 70s they rerouted the river around the city and converted what used to be the city centre into a brilliant series of sports fields, walking paths, and siesta knolls.

We slept in till 2ish on Thursday, and then went out in search of lunch and had a fantastic day wandering the little streets of Valencia. Beautiful old city surrounded by ancient gates, marble streets and sidewalks, and the constantly shifting perfumes of budding spring flowers coming from all directions. Lunch, coffee, more wandering, siesta, and then back out around 10 for a fabulous dinner and bottle of wine before sleep around 2.

Friday, my travel caught up with me, so after some morning work and a wander for lunch through the old city, I came back to my room and just chilled out and read (Hippopotomus by Stephen Fry — a cheeky book!) until Chris got back from work around 11. He chilled out for a bit, and then we rolled out to a staff party around 1:30… great food, open bar, plush couches and as always interesting conversation kept us there until just after 4 when it was time to head home.

Woke up around 1 on Saturday, worked for a while, and then grabbed one of the loaner bikes the hotel had on offer and went out on a mission to see a few of the interesting buildings I’d wanted to check out in Valencia. All I had to do was leave the hotel, ride into the riverbed park, and head to the end. Of course, I managed to turn the wrong way and instead of ending up at the beach ended up in a nature reserve north of the city. Turned out rather well though, as I just traversed some residential neighbourhoods until I rolled into the old city where I ran into some friendly faces on a patio and joined them for a drink and some ice cream. Rode the bike back to the hotel, and headed over to the venue for dinner with Chris before returning to the hotel to pack and crash out early to catch this bus.

The rhythm here feels really natural to me – wake up late, work, nap in the late afternoon, go dinner for a couple hours around 9 or 10, nightlife is fantastic and doesn’t start picking up till 2, and then fall asleep as the birds start to sing… It’s the natural rhythm I’ve always fought against back home, since it’s nearly impossible to get food out after 10 in Vancouver and people scoff at you if you sleep until noon, and napping is a sign of weakness to be countered with caffiene. It’s surreal to wander around on a sunny afternoon and see every single grassy space full of people just laying out having a nap, snuggling with friends and loved ones, picnicking a snack… I wish people back home were confident enough to allow themselves to relax and enjoy life as much as the Spanish.

I was thinking about the difference between Italy and Spain, and as much as I loved the food and drink and style in Italy, I feel more comfortable in Spain… It’s just more relaxed. It’s like Spain is a well lived in and warmly worn kitchen where friends sit around a table after a good meal drinking wine and laughing late into the night, whereas Italy is a grandparent’s livingroom where the couch has a plastic cover on it – it’s old and elegant, and holds the promise of a comfortable place to relax, but is more about looks than being lived in, and the old-timers will tut-tut you for insinuating that it is anything but. Not that Italy wasn’t a fantastic place to spend a month, but it was shiny synthetic fabrics, where Spain is a lot more organics, and to me feels a lot more relaxed and comfortable.

Two weeks more of Spain to come, and I’m rather looking forward to it…

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