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Only gonna communicate it in note form, cuz it’s a month later now and i forgot these notes were sitting in my draft and… really, London is London and it doesn’t really fit into text: it’s like a bigger and better and politer new york.

Sunday: Got into the city and grabbed a few pints and caught up with my good friend Heather’s sister Niki who’s been living in London for a few months and looking delightfully cultured.

Monday: Bus tour around town w/ Chris’ work crew

Layed low and got some work caught up through Weds.

Thurs: G, a friend from home who’s working on a cruiseship was docked nearby, so he popped down breakfast and a quick roam-about… we literally gave him the “london in 45 minutes” tour – heh. Later, I really enjoyed the Exposed exhibit at the Tate Modern

Fri: Chris day off so we had a stereotypical english day where we toured the state rooms @ buckingham palace, shopped at harrods and churchs shoes, and had a good pub dinner before heading out to a seedy pub night

Sat: A super ultra massively fantastic day w/ James and Connor… Field Day festival (!!! James Holden !!!) and then XXL (!lazors!)

Sun: Chris’ sister Liz popped into town on her way through to Berlin and since it was the last show of leg we went to the big windup party. Chris had been working all day and crashed out early, so Liz and I went out with the always fab D and ended up smoking shisha in some turkish lounge until well into the night.

Then, London + Europe: Exited through the gift shop.

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