Ferme la Portugal

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I moved my flight home a few days and tagged along to see Lisbon, Portugal at the tail end of this trip, and it was well worth it. Lisbon is beautiful and old and the weather’s been fantastic. Portugal itself seems to be a shell of former wealth and there’s a lot of ruin and disrepair on all fronts, to the point that it’s probably the furthest towards 3rd world that we’ve visited so far, but it’s beautiful in that deterioration.

On Monday it was Chris’ day off so we headed out of town a bit to Sintra which was a little town of windy arms-width roads with palaces and fortresses on the hills around. After a great lunch we grabbed the bus up to the top of the mountain and spent the afternoon exploring the Pena Palace and the Castle of the Moors (which dates back to the 9th century).

Aside from that trip out of town was only here for a few days but did what I could to make the most of it… I managed to squeeze a good Sunday wandering and eating/drinking with D, much wandering and exploring, a dinner out with C and Chris (when we finally found a place that I liked the font on their sign – heheh) and V called me up with the offer of a free bus tour of the city on my last day.

A short stay, but Portugal seems to be rather fantastic and I’d love to return sometime and possibly explore the coast a bit (I’ve heard Porto is well worth the trip).

This was the first time I’ve been out and seen all 10 cities on a tour leg, which was pretty cool, but it amplifies the call of a break at home and my cat and my own bed 🙂

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