Scenes from a tour break…

Posted by jswt | Posted in Canada - Vancouer | Posted on 06-11-2010


Had a really nice few weeks at home. Got to see a ton of friends, have dinner w/ Chris’ parents, dj my friend’s club night, experience a shooting, go to an apple festival, see Mumford and Sons play at the Vogue, go to a halloween party dressed as victims of gay teen bullying, have friends over for a big roast dinner and watching fireworks from on high for halloween night, have an early birthday and christmas dinner on the same night at my mom’s, and spend a load of quality time on the couch relaxing and just enjoying being at home.

One note of sadness during the trip was the loss of our friend Rick who passed away during the break. He was my favourite dirty old man, who loved to keep up with us in our antics and is a part of many memories. He will be sorely missed.

A short visit at home, with highs and lows, but time has come quickly again to pack the suitcases and get rolling… going along for the entire 10 week leg this time, as it’s the one I’ve been waiting for – lots of interesting places that I don’t know if I’d otherwise get a chance to visit… Should be quite the trip 🙂

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