Time at home…

Posted by jswt | Posted in General | Posted on 12-04-2011


While the tour went off to South Africa, rather than contribute to their security worries and be locked in a hotel, I went home for 5 weeks. It was really nice to be in one spot for a while, catch up on a lot of overdue friend visitings and workstuffs, and catch the most amazing tail end of a snowboarding season Vancouver’s seen in a long time (650cm base still on closing day!). Seaballing, blowing up birthday cakes with Disaster Area, snowboarding, snowboarding, snowboarding… It was so nice to be home.

Towards the end of my stay, my buddy M from Indiana came into town for what was a very overdue meetup, and gave me a much appreciated opportunity to play tourguide to a Vancouver virgin. It was a lot of fun playing tourist and just wandering around checking out the city with fresh eyes. We played in the snow, and the woods, and a seedy bearcave with bad house music. A great visit with a fantastic gent.

Chris came back into town for the last week, and though most of our time was spent running around catching up on wedding planning, we still managed to spend some good quality time with what continues to be our increasingly appreciated home town. Random highlights were dinners w/ friends, catching the Scala + Kolancy Brothers show, and just chilling out at home on our sofa together… Purr.

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