Tour break in Vancouver!

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After Shanghai, Chris had a week off back in Vancouver that we used to maximize our chilling, catching up and visitings. Thanksgiving dinner with the family, and some kickass seats to a BC Lions game in the new stadium were a nice treat.

Chris headed off to Russia, and since I could only get a 30 day tourist visa I stuck around Vancouver for a very well received 3 extra weeks enjoying my couch and cat. Got to meet up with a bunch of the guys for a random MEATFEST of bbq madness, catch a hockey game with the father-in-law, and enjoy the indian summer’s crisp days of blue skies and rainbow leaves.

I even managed to sneak in a hike up Hollyburn mountain on what ended up being the last day before the snows fell on the peaks (where cheeky grey jays flew right onto my knee and ran diversion while another snuck up behind me and tried to steal the ring right off my finger! cocky bastid birds – shah).

My buddy D was still in town from his best man duties at the wedding before he continued off back on his journey around the world on his (pedal) bike. He was leaving for Cape Town in South Africa where he was headed on a zig zag journey northward towards Morocco. If you aren’t already, you should be subscribed to his blog – to follow along on that journey.

D was a roommate and mischievous cohort from way back, and we’ve spent many weird nights djing together even though he plays a much… harder style than I tend to. He used to run a radio show in Winnipeg, and later on CJSF in Vancouver, called SLEIZURE which was a frequent friday night haunt for me and a bunch of other drunken djfolk. Somehow they’d got permission to do a one off reunion night on the radio station and I got to tag along to play. The night was a blast, and got suitably messy with hot dog explosions, flying records causing facial injuries, and a certain someone requiring forceable removal from the studio by the testicles. I played a set from about 1-2am that was harder than my normal style but perfect Sleizure-fodder, that you can listen to here…

Another audio treat while I was back in Vancouver was the virgin voyage of my buddy C’s TRUCKERDISCO night. C has a kickass taste in sleazy punkrock disco infused grindy beats, and invited me to play the night… I played from 10:30-12ish so it started off a little slow and got more banging as the room picked up – and maaaaaaaan did it pick up. It was one of the crazier dancefloors I’ve seen in Vancouver as people from all over the place, cliques, genres, styles, and persuasions messed up and mashed up the place. Serious freakers ball action, and way fun. Anyways, keep your ears listening for info on the next one, and here’s a recording of my set from the night if you’re needing some sleazy listenings… [remember: starts off slow, but picks up… give it some time to build].

After that it was time to pack up, as my Russian visa was kicking in and Moscow was on the horizon…

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