Spanish Road Trip – Day 6-8: Barcelona

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On day 6 of our Spanish road trip, we woke up slowly and made the most of the breakfast that was included at our hotel room before loading ourselves back in the car and starting off on the 4h drive to Barcelona.

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My good friend K, who’s my favorite designer and all round cool cat, had moved from Vancouver to Barcelona back in September, and we’d arranged to spend a couple nights at his place. Little did we know that he’d found himself an apartment is the most absolutely kickass location in BCN – right at the foot of Las Ramblas by the harbor! We got landed in his place and caught up before all settling down for a well received afternoon siesta. Once woken and freshened around 9 it was time to roll out, and K took us barhopping through some of his local haunts. It was an endless flow of mohitos and random tapas from here and there and sometime after midnight we all stumbled back to K’s place for a bit of a nod off. About 1:30, Chris and I got up and were ready to head out, but it seemed that K hadn’t developed quite the tolerance levels or pacing skills required for the evening, and no matter how much we tried, he wasn’t getting out of bed. So, down a man, Chris and I wandered out around 2 and ended up at a decent club but the crowd was thin. Around 4 it’d picked up a bit, but we decided to look for something more age appropriate, so we went to another club (which was *packed*) and rocked out there till about 6am. We decided to walk all the way down La Ramblas (which is a bit of a dodgy trip at that hour – it’s the first time I’ve ever had a prostitute just grab my crotch as she walked by) and back to K’s place, where he wasn’t as excited as we were to see him when we jumped up and down on his bed πŸ˜›

[Note – Chris is usually prone to hitting his wall earlier than I am, and I’ve never, ever seen him:

a) bounce back from early evening drinking
b) agree to go out again at 2am
c) agree to go to another club at 4am

As he said tho – “It’s a night out in Barcelona! Lets go!”… respekt!]

Sunday morning we had a nice sleep in and K grabbed some pastries and coffee from a nearby cafe so we could chill and have a lazy late breakfast. Chris was feeling like chilling, so he stayed in to hang out with some movies, and K and I went out and had a wonderful touristy wander around BCN. Back for a late afternoon siesta, then out for a slow saunter to what ended up being a kickass random restaurant selection (even though it violated our “no comic sans” rule) with red velvet lounge beds, some good food and wine, and a great chill scene. As we were wiped from the week, and the late night before, we had a relatively early night.

Monday morning we got up, grabbed breakfast from downstairs and Chris and I wandered off to attend to some tasks (mailing postcards, printing boarding passes, etc) which ended up taking a lot less time than expected (15 minutes. done.). With time to spare, we wandered around BCN, did a little shopping, then found a nice spot to drink in the local sights and meet some locals.

We stopped for a quick bite as we walked back to Ks, and as we sat on the patio watching the sun set over the Christopher Columbus monument at the base of Las Ramblas, I was unexpectedly overcome by emotion: as I reflected upon what’d been an absolutely fantastic week, a wave of elation crashed up against a wave of sadness that it was drawing to a close and almost time to leave, and I couldn’t hold back the tears.

Back to K’s place for some farewells (and promises to visit again asap), returned the car at the airport and ate some regrettable burgers at the airport (chris got violently ill from these the next day – bleh).

We’d scored a flight on WizzAir for $30 each direct from BCN to Vilnius, Lithuania so at 22:30 our roadtrip came to an end as we headed back to the cold tundra of the “ias” (Lithuania/Latvia/Estonia) to wind down our 2011.

8 days.
More than 2600km driven.
Perfect travel partner.
Good friends.
Amazing food and wine the entire way.
Fantastic places to stay.

Easily, the best road trip ever…
(so far!)

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