Home is where your cat is.

Posted by jswt | Posted in Canada - Vancouer | Posted on 20-01-2012


So once again it was time to pop into Vancouver and spend some quality time at home: see family, hang out with friends, catch up on all the in-person things we have to do in a blitzkreig compression, and try to rest a little in between all of that (never successful).

Highlights of being home were a few decent days snowboarding up on Cypress, getting to hang out with our friends C&S on the day that C became an offical honest to goodness Canadian (Congrats, mate!), double late Christmas dinners at both sets of parents, a hockey game (thanks M&D!), and a fantastic dinner with M&A where we could finally repay them for their hospitality in Adelaide.

Chris flew out, and I stayed home an extra week for a big night out with the boys, some extra snowboarding, paperwork and accounting catchup, and going with C&F to J’s album release party (!!!METAL!!!). Some quality time on the couch with my cat, a cup of tea and a blanket while watching waves of snowstorms roll over the city was the icing on the cake.

As always, the time was short, and it was hard to see everyone and do everything we wanted, but soon enough it was time to go once more and I was catching a flight back to Europe for another leg o’ wandering…

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