Bored in Bratislava

Posted by jswt | Posted in Slovakia - Bratislava | Posted on 20-02-2012


A week in Bratislava, Slovakia in February during the coldest winter in years… Not recommended. Post-communist-bleak people and archtecture (except in the small old town, which has a lot of sadly vacant businesses), scammy cabs, quiet nightlife (though got a feeling things get wild in the summer). Found one cafe in the city centre (Schtoor) that had good eats, great design and was always full of interesting people who looked like they were planning art projects or revolutions (or both). Great internet at the hotel tho, so I worked a lot. Got pretty brutally sick near the end of the week. A forgettable place, though if you’re passing thru aim for the summer when the surrounding area is probably more accessible and at least the bobsled track‘ll be open 😛

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