When in Rome…

Posted by jswt | Posted in General, Italy - Rome | Posted on 18-03-2012


A week in Rome, just as spring had sprung… a fantastic week of eating, drinking, and exploring with the fellow tour-wives in and around a good productive week o’ work. Highlights included being shown a few of G’s favorite places (after he’d taken an apartment and been living like a local there for a while), checking out the Vatican, swing dance staff party in a cellar, late night warehouse partying w/ James Holden, and the food… oh, the glorious deliciousness! Simple pastas gone wild (sweet potato ravioli stuffed with vanilla infused sausage = omg), chocolate shot glasses filled with liqueur, pastries full of mmmmmmm, and fantastic fantastic fantastic wine thats plentiful, cheap and delicious.

Chris’d never been a fan of Italy up to this point – he’d always been frustrated by work challenges, and could never really get past that… But this time, everything changed for him – after working his way through Russia and Eastern Europe, he had no problem waving his arms and asserting himself properly to the games of the Italians, which he was now able to play back and laugh off. Once that wasn’t a huge stumbling block, he threw himself into the flow and finally clicked with Italy which makes me ecstatic as I’m game for any excuse to soak up tastes and styles like no where else provides.

Keeping this post short, as there’s really not really much more to say… Covered the touristy stuff when we were here a year and a half ago so this week was just spent doing as the Romans – as I’m more than happy to do.