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3 weeks in Catania, Sicily = some of the best time I’ve ever spent on the road. The quality of life is so high, and the tone is so relaxed, it’s just… fantastic.

Note form highlights this time:

It’s the prefect lifestyle: wake up late. work. go for swim. have nap when too hot. work. go out for dinner around 10pm when cools down. eat/drink/gelato till 1 or 2. back to hotel. sleep. repeat.

Some of the best food on the planet. Simple, 3 ingredients, and out of 3 weeks of eating out, only one lame meal, while most others were stunning. The markets were alive and vibrant – the groceries sucked because no one shops there, you go to the market.

The wine flows freely – it’s so good, and so cheap (the wine bar down the road was 1.60euro/litre for table wine that’s better than most of what we get at home. Up that to an “expensive bottle” and tastebuds were blown.

Mount Etna is the volcano that looms over Sicily. We hiked up into some of the craters, which felt like walking on the moon.

We rented a car for 3 days, which was ultrafun: a 1971 Fiat 500. It was like a toy car, but was the perfect way to cruise around little winding tight streets and zip in and out of towns up and down the coast. Highly recommended.

There was a big crew party at a beach bar. Italians party like crazy, even on a Sunday night.

3 weeks of eating and drinking is a social affair.

So yeah – you should go. It’s the class, style and quality of Italy with a dash of relaxed mediterranean love of life – a perfect blend.

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