Hong Kong – Travel Day

Posted by jswt | Posted in China - Hong Kong | Posted on 09-07-2012


[These Hong Kong posts are being guest written by my 12 year old niece… enjoy!]

Sunday was a long day, we started our journey midday at around 12:30 when we showed up at the airport. We did what most people do, go through security, and get on the plane. Nine hours later, we’re in Tokyo, Japan for our 3 hour layover. I’ve always wanted to go to Japan so it was pretty cool, we did a bunch of cool things in the airport that made the layover way less boring. We watched sumo wrestling on T.V, ate sushi, had some Japanese candy, watched and awesome intense game show where people compete by playing rock paper scissors, and went in the origami museum. Yes, this is all in the airport. after our awesome layover, we had another 5 hour flight to Hong Kong, China. We got there really late and we just showered, went to the bar for some late night drinks until 1:00 am. Chris arrived to join us a little later. Shortly after, we slept, but not for very long. It was hard to get the right amount of sleep with such a big time difference.

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