Hong Kong – Wednesday Wandering

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[These Hong Kong posts are being guest written by my 12 year old niece… enjoy!]

On Tuesday, I don’t know what Matt and Chris did all day but as for me, major migraine and jet lag. My day consisted of major sickness and laying in bed.

Wednesday was our first day out, finally. We started our day with some awesome breakfast(an all you can eat buffet with awesome food and a whole section of chinese food). Then we hopped on the bus and went to the metro. We didn’t know where we were going but we were sure of one thing…it had to be AWESOME! We picked a random station, the one we chose was called Hong Kong, It sounded pretty good. We then caught a bus to Stanley market, a recommendation by my g’ma. When we got to Stanley market, we went through the actual market which ended up being pretty lame. It was only one street, the prices were meant for tourists, the stuff was not very cool, and it just wasn’t worth it. Near the market, we found a cool little hike up a mountain. It had very cool views and some interesting animals. We saw a lizard that was AWESOME, a bunch of beautiful blue and black butterflies, and a giant bright red wasp the size of my fist that tried to ATTACK Matt. On that hike, we also saw a really pretty temple with some cool offerings. When we got back from the hike, we were caught in another tourist trap, gelato. The gelto was good, but not worth the $32(Hong Kong dollars) for 1 scoop. Oh well. A bit later that night, we went to “the goldfish market”. It’s name pretty much explains it. It was an entire street of people seeling fish and other sea animals like turtles and tortoises. Matthew and I had a game we played…pet or food? Later that night, we went to see the light show made with the buildings. It was cool because all of the lights matched the timing of the music. It was well put together and was fun to watch.

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