Hong Kong – Ocean Park

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[These Hong Kong posts are being guest written by my 12 year old niece… enjoy!]

Thursday was pretty amazing, we decided to go to ocean park, an amusement park in Hong Kong. We went with some of our new friends, M and X.

We entered at the perfect time, just in time to see a dance choreography. Lined up in front of the stage, about 200 nine year old kids dancing to the music. The music was in English so we could understand it but nobody else could. We were laughing the whole time at all of the inappropriate and rude things the songs were talking about. Perfect kid’s dance:) After seeing that, we took a fancy tram up to the top of a mountain where the rest of the amusement park was located. First, we did a tube ride so that we could get wet and cool down. That kept me from dying in the heat. Then we saw……PANDAS! The amusement park had pandas! Again, AWESOME! We did some other cool rides like the space ride.

ON our way back from that, we saw seals and sea lions. For food, I saw chicken feet and cow shins on the menu, YUM! 😛 Around the park, there were a lot of vegetable sculptures, but none to eat O.o As we were leaving, we saw their jellyfish display room. It started with some little tanks with some jellyfish and as you move along another wall, it goes into some more small tanks, after one more room, you see this small room with mirrors all along the sides and a whole bunch of lit up tube tanks full of different types of jellyfish. The tubes lit up in different colors and so did the jellyfish. The mirrors on the walls just made it look way cooler. In the last room, there was a cool game that you play with your shadow. It’s a big light that shines on a wall and a bunch of jellyfish shown with the light. With your shadow, you can block the light and it will make the jellyfish move away.

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