Hong Kong – Saturday Shopping

Posted by jswt | Posted in China - Hong Kong, General | Posted on 14-07-2012


[These Hong Kong posts are being guest written by my 12 year old niece… enjoy!]

We started our day with our amazing buffet breakfast and then decided to go shopping that day. We started on Granville st. because we got a recommendation to visit it. We were walking down the street to find this itty bitty mall down an alleyway with people coming in and out. We decided to check it out. When we got in, it turned out to be really cool. Each shop was a person’s own individual collection or style. Most of the stores were stores full of handmade things by the person who owned the store. It was a very fashionable place. From there, we went on to walk to “The Ladies Market” It was HUGE. Although there were lots of things, all of the prices were too high and I didn’t want to argue with them so I didn’t get anything. From there, we went to the electronics market which was not really that exciting. It was just phone store after phone store. After walking for hours and hours we went to stop for something to eat. We were walking and walking and I finally said “Matthew, we’ve passed like 10 restaurants. We’re eating here! (I pointed to the building next to us)I’m starving and I don’t want to walk anymore!” The retaurant ended up being really good. We had awesome fruit juice with jelly in it (green apple green tea and lychee tea) , weird soup with good meat in it, and some dumplings.

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