Hong Kong – Backstage and Night Market

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[These Hong Kong posts are being guest written by my 12 year old niece… enjoy!]

[Editor’s Note: We actually started our day by waking up to the HK Supercar Club pulling up to our hotel for breakfast before going on their Sunday ride… 52 cars in total… just a few million dollars worth of shiny vroom]

We started our day by hanging out and waiting to go backstage for cirque de soleil. The view from backstage was really cool. You got to see all of the artists working on their part. Backstage, they did everything to the max. Everything they did had to be awesome. They couldn’t just do push ups, they had to do them upside down. They couldn’t JUST lift weights, they had to lift up another man vertically. Being backstage watching all of that can make a person feel really weak. [Editor’s note: No photos to protect artist privacy and magic…]

When we came back from that, we were tired so we had a nap. Later on, we went down to temple street which we heard had a lot of cool stuff. It had some cool things for sale and also, lots of fortune tellers. When we got tired of walking, we decided to eat at this place on the side of the road that had plastic stools. It had a crazy menu with snails, goose liver, fried baby pigeon and lots of frogs/toads. We chose to eat a little…less weird so we got some cool chinese food and stuff in a hot pot. The view from our tale included cars and people in the market going by.

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