Bye Bye Hong Kong

Posted by jswt | Posted in China - Hong Kong | Posted on 17-07-2012


[These Hong Kong posts are being guest written by my 12 year old niece… enjoy!]

This day was the day that I had to leave. We woke up, had a late breakfast and went off on a bus to get sushi. I like the oshinka in that place. After that, we came back and went to the venue to say bye to everyone. Then, we came home to pack. We went for a short swim in the pool and then went off to the airport. I was an unaccompanied minor so I had to get a whole bunch of weird papers and stuff. When we got to the airport, Matthew was very distracted when checking in and I wondered why. After we checked in, he went to the guys next to us and said “You have to get rid of your bike? That sucks. Can I buy it from you?” So, he bought the bike and we laughed so loud by the silliness of the whole situation. So, Matthew went home with a brand new folding bike and I just went home. Bye bye Hong Kong.

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