Hong Kong Wrapup

Posted by jswt | Posted in China - Hong Kong, General | Posted on 23-07-2012


After my niece left, I wasn’t so inclined to adventure around HK much more so I got back to work and had a couple nights out with some tourfolk. One special treat was that S&L were passing through town on their way home to australia, so we met up with them for a jetlaggy dinner out which turned out to be amazing… We went to Tim Ho Wan which is the world’s cheapest Michelin starred restaurant. No frills, small almost dive joint with barely any seating, byob from across the street, but that’s irrelevant to the food — omg the food… absolutely and hands down some of the best dim sum I’ve ever eaten. The chef found us amusing and showed us how to mix and match the sauces perfectly, and we quickly forgot about the 90 minute wait to get in as our tastebuds danced and smiled in our mouths.

Looking back on my time in Hong Kong I understand a lot more about my home in Vancouver. Back when HK was reverting to Chinese rule from the British, everyone who had the money to do so picked up some extra property in Vancouver as it was easier to get into than the states, and Vancouver would have felt like home – it’s basically a very similar layout and landscape to Vancouver, except that it’s much less populated, less polluted, and *much* cheaper. I also learned that in China, you don’t get interest on your money in the bank, so a much better alternative to stagnant wealth is to throw that into property. Over time, everyone with property in Vancouver has picked up a few extras, and moved their families over to Vancouver so they can go to school, enjoy retirement, and otherwise ride out the riches. There is now a 60% asian population in downtown Vancouver (higher in some suburbs). I know now that everyone in Vancouver who is bitching about high home prices are going to have a long way yet to go as the millionaires (and there are many) in HK and mainland China continue their exodus to what’s in their minds, a cheap paradise in Vancouver.

Would I go back to Hong Kong? Yes… it’s vibrant, noisy, and hectic and there’s much more to explore than I was able to do in 2 weeks. Not somewhere I’d ever go for a vacation, but I’d definately keep a few days available if I was ever passing through to do more exploring (and eating and shopping).

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