Boston is pretty bitchin.

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After an extended stay of taking care of some things on the homefront, it was time to hit the road again and make my way to Boston for a short week.

With years of touring europe and exotic locales, the US loses a bit of appeal due to the unvarying nature of most cities (“Hey, have you been to that town with the Walmart and the dead main street?”), but I’ve got to say that Boston was pretty cool and exceeded expectations.

The city’s got 200+ colleges and universities, including some hefty flagships: Harvard, MIT, Cambridge, BU… Throw upon an educated populace a really beautiful, historic town full of stone rowhouses and treelined streets with beautiful old homes converted to student housing, and you have a really wonderful place to spend the tail end of fall.

I didn’t arrive until Tuesday evening, which was uneventful. On Weds, friends J+M drove in from upstate New York and we went for a decent lobster dinner at a mediocre restaurant (love it done with the stuffing baked in). They then went over to catch the show, and I went back to the hotel to get some work done, and then came back over post show to hang out while they got a tour.

Thursday was a standard gym/work day, and then in the evening I went and met up with Chris as an australian musician (Xavier Rudd) he used to tour manage was playing right next to the venue. It was nice to catch up with him and hang out in the evening while Chris gave him the tour. I had dinner with Chris, and then we went over to the show which was really, really good – his show’s evolved a since I last saw it about 4 years ago, and the sound guy he’s working with did a great job of melding the songs into each other. After the show we hung out while they did a meet and greet, before saying goodbye and heading back to the hotel.

Friday night, friends M+F from DC flew into town and we spent a few hours hanging out at the lobby bar catching up and laughing. Saturday morning we caught a train and went downtown for some brunch followed by some crisp blue skied wandering. Boston proved really great, and we found a lot of little shops, good cafes, and beautiful explosive fall colours. Highlights included hat shopping with Steven Tyler and watching the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence fundraise for hurricane Sandy victims while laughing off some jesus freaks spewing vitriol and looking quite sad. Back to the hotel for a nap, then downtown for some dinner in a tourist trap that was the first restaurant opened in the US – cool building, mediocre food, great company. Post dinner drinks and sleazing at the Alley, then back to the hotel for some zz’s. Sunday I grabbed breakfast w/ M&F before saying goodbye to catch my plane while they went off to catch the show…

Overall, my time in Boston was short, but it was really surprising how cool the city was. I hope to get back there, as there was a good vibe to the place, and I’d love to spend some more time getting to know the place.

Add Boston to the recommended list.

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