Austin is unTexas

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So it’d been about 8 years since I was last in Austin, and it’s still one of the best cities in the US: it’s got a music scene like very few other places, a greaser redneck culture that’s actually cultured, amazing BBQ, a sexy drawl, and good bars on every corner. As an american city, it’s not without it’s endless sprawl, complete reliance on cars, and a disbelief in vegitables, but it makes up for it by being sincerely itself.

Last time I was here was for a Burningman party out in the desert called Flipside, so admittedly my impression of texans might be a little skewed to the anarchist hippy creative tech side, but I still like coming back here.

Some highlights:

Birthday dinner at Wink – HOLY SHIT 10 course tasting menu with pairings. Damn good on both the food and wine sides of things, with customized birthday menus. Highly, highly recommended.

Musical Wanderings – just rolling down 6th Ave listening for the nicest voices to pop in and give an ear for a drink before heading to the next bar. Excellent fodder for a night out.

Dave & Busters – won’t be unique for most americans, but as a Canadian who didn’t know a Chuck E. Cheese for adults existed (where you can get yer drink on while whack-a-mole’ing for useless tickets) it’s good fun.

The Metro – so there’s a train line from the suburbs (near our hotel – still a drive to the station) into downtown. It’s a really nice system, only costs $1, and goes right to the heart of downtown. BUT… we found out it only runs until 6pm on weeknights, which makes it kind of useless to get home after the bar. The other thing I loved about it is how people who lived there didn’t really wrap their heads around it: “Oh, you took the train? I’ve been thinking about doing that since it opened a couple years ago – it looks like a lot of fun!”. It’s a metro system, not the orient express.

Oh, TexAss…

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