Posted by jswt | Posted in Australia - Newcastle, General | Posted on 23-07-2011


Newcastle, Australia is an industrial town where the industry has left. It rained hard the whole time. There’s a pretty ocean pool that’s not pretty in the rain. There’s a godawful gay bar where one of the drag queens cramped up and collapsed in the middle of karioke, which was the highlight of the week. It was a good week for getting over jetlag and catching up on work. That’s the only nice thing I have to say about it.

(Bad enough, I didn’t even take any photos this week)

The highlight of the city was un-city related in that I got a ride here from Sydney from Chris’ sister L… we had a lovely visit, i got schooled on modern coffee, and had a great jetlaggy chat the whole way. Looking fwd to seeing her the next few weeks while we’re in Sydney, almost as much as I’m looking fwd to getting my train out of here in a couple hours…