I (heart) the Gong

Posted by jswt | Posted in Australia - Wollongong, General | Posted on 21-08-2011


Wollongong, Australia: A cute sleepy little oceanside community. Kickass biking trails from here to forever along the ocean, nice people, and a seriously surprising and well styled cafe-slash-clothing store on the main drag.

One of the girls on the tour has family in town, and they threw a really lovely bbq for the whole tour on their rooftop patio one night. Was nice to just chill in downtime, and it’s funny to see that after a world of clubs and vip rooms and guestlists around the globe, it’s sitting around on a back deck in downtime that really lends itself to good conversation and relaxed vibes with these people.

Random memory overhead by two teenage guys in a car: “Chicks love loud music!”

Not much more to say about the Gong, except the non-bogun people were friendly and I bet they have great surfing in the summer…