Macau – House of Dancing Water

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[These Hong Kong posts are being guest written by my 12 year old niece… enjoy!]

We spent the morning kind of lazy. later on, we took a ferry to Macau (the vegas of China) We went into a casino and I didn’t get ID’ed. I guess I look 18 🙂 MUHAHAHA! After coming out of the casino, we saw a cool drumstick sculpture for the hard rock cafe. After wandering for a bit, we went to the “house of dancing water” show. We sat in the 3rd row so we got SOAKED! The show was AMAZING! I loved it! the only weird things were the motorbikes, they didn’t fit into the story too well. It was awesome to see the stage. THe stage had so much effort put into it, it was amazing. After the awesome show, we went to the Venitian casino/hotel where we got dinner. It was weird because we got dinner in an irish pub, in a fake italian hotel in china…hmmmm.

After that long day, we took the bumpy ferry home and had a fun subway ride then slept. zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz