France – fuck yeah!

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Ok, so I’m a bad blogger… This is posted in sequence, but I’m really writing… FROM THE FUTURE! I never got around to writing up a blog post for the last two cities of the leg, but that’s because I was having too much fun there and once I got home I just wasn’t feeling quite so in the moment. So, retroactively, here’s the i’m-lazy-note-form-version of a week and a half in France:

Lille! It’s French! And Lovely! Suburby and quiet, but a nice place to refresh the french I learned once upon a time and didn’t realize was still stuck in my head.

Paris! It’s not just London with a tower! There’s good reason that it’s known as the romantic city – it really is a soulful place. I was only there for 3 days, but will definately, positively return at first chance. The three days were pretty epic condensed fun though!

Sunday night I went out with Des. She’s fab. We caught mass at Notre Dame, and got suckerpunched with shitty crepes. A really wonderful night out.

There’s a big tower there. It’s a lot more ornate than I imagined it to be.

We did a walking tour with a bunch of peeps, and wandered around on our own afterwards. Paris is gorgeous.

The catacombs are creepy. The bones of millions.

There was a party with much, much, much champagne. I DJ’ed a 3 hour set that you can download and listen to (starts off super chill and just builds into silliness – please save as/download to your own computer rather than streaming!).

So, in summary: France – fuck yeah!

(… and I’ll try to be a better blogger in the future).