Vegging in Vilnius

Posted by jswt | Posted in Lithuania - Vilnius | Posted on 18-12-2011


Honestly, I don’t have too much to say about Vilnius, Lithuania.

After our Spanish road trip, it was time for me to bunker down a bit and rock some work. Luckily, to keep me from getting distracted, our hotel was a golf resort 26km outside of the city that was otherwise closed for the winter. We were the only guests, and it was unnerving to go into a dark wing of the hotel, and have all the lights flick on in sequence down the hallway… Think Shining crossed with the Bates motel. The one day I went into town to grab some groceries I got hugely swindled by a dodgy russian cab driver for the trip home, which was off putting.

We spent one afternoon wandering around the old town, which was more than enough time to see the whole city. It’s cute, but there’s not much there. It felt kinda russia-like again, in that people didn’t really smile. Only thing really of note was the higher than normal prevalence of pot smoke around the city… We were taken for a great dinner at a little french restaurant, and then back to the Bates motel where I just plugged back into my regular routine (sleep, work, gym, repeat).

This was the first of our three Baltic countries/cities, and looking back I’d really suggest skipping this for any of the others…