Unmerry men.

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It’s a pretty place, but as the stabbing and gun capital of the UK, it’s the dodgiest low rung of the gene pool we’ve stopped in yet. There seems to be a heavy focus on prison tattoos as haute couture.

Vancouverites: Imagine Whalley trapped in a perpetual drunken aftermath of a stag and hen party.

Yes, Robin Hood was from there, as they’re constantly and repeatedly pointing out. We toured Nottingham castle (the tunnel tour that takes you underneath is worthwhile). There was a good asian restaurant in the hotel… uhm… I’m really struggling to find something else nice to say.

Put it this way – it’s the first time on the tour we’ve gone to see a movie.

I did take a night to pop down to London to see my cousin Rachel on Tuesday night – would have seen her the week after if she wasn’t heading off to scandinavia for a wedding… had a nice sunny layabout in the afternoon then met up with her and her b/f for dinner. It was a fantastic evening catching up, checking out her neighborhood, and having a lovely time as I always do with her. Stayed at her place and then had a nice breakfast before heading back to Nottingham.

The real highlight of the week was when my buddy Ben came to visit and spent a couple days with us… we saw the show, and did the touristy things, and caught up after not seeing him for almost a year. He’s super sweet and one of the nicest guys I know, and as he was going thru a rough patch, we were more than happy to provide distraction and good shoulders. There was a crew party that was some good fun, and we all found a really nice hole in the wall lounge the first night, and then the second night he and I found a wonderfully dodgy shithole of a bar and closed it down and had a great time laughing at/with the locals. Ben’s awesome, and I really look forward to the next time our paths cross.

But yeah…
I’ve got nothing else nice to say about Nottingham.