Glasgow a go go

Posted by jswt | Posted in General, UK - Scotland - Glasgow | Posted on 09-06-2010


Spent the past week in Glasgow Scotland… not the most exciting city we’ve ever been to, but we managed to dig up some good times and make some memories.

The city itself is built upon a river that runs through the centre with an organized spaghetti of bridges crossing back and forth o’er it. Glasgow has some pretty heavy industrial roots and you can tell they’re in a state of flux trying to revitalize it, but they’re still in the mode of having lots of places to go, but no where to be (ie: terraces, benches, etc). There was an amazing greenspace (Glasgow Green) that was packed with people enjoying the supposedly rare week of mostly sunny warmth, but otherwise there’s not much to do, hence the draw towards the thriving pub culture is a heavy pull.

Monday was a day off, a jetlag battle, and a local bank holiday so we just wandered around, soaked up the sun and lunched and wandered with others from the tour. Got pointed towards a fantastic italian dinner and enjoyed a nice bottle of red over some stellar homemade pasta and antipasti.

There was a gym and pool in the hotel, and the internet connection here was much more usable than it was in Spain, so just stayed in and got nicely caught up for the next few days. Took some time out from work on Thursday afternoon to go wander the city some more and enjoy the city, sun and fresh air.

Friday was another day off so we enjoyed a good sleep-in and went and rented a car for the afternoon… We were trying to use the GPS to get us somewhere until we realized we didn’t really have anywhere in particular we wanted to go, but instead could just use the GPS to ensure we’d be able to return from wherever a wander took us… We managed to get wonderfully lost, and just wandered from city to city (ended up in a town called Balloch – teehee), castle to castle, and lake to lake… Highlights were sunsets at both Stirling and Edingburgh castles, a fantastic route up a service road on the backside of Loch [name] and a pint in the afternoon at a lakeside pub in the woods where the cotton was falling in the sideways sunlight like glowing snowdrifts.

The countryside here is really beautiful… endless rolling hills of green velvet with cottontail sheep roaming amongst cattle and clumps of trees. Huge blue lakes and creeks and small little sleepy towns…

Saturday was a standard day (gym/work/dinner) and then when Chris got off work we packed up our stuff for the transfer the next day, and had a few drinks before heading out to a club… A night/promotion crew in London that I’m pretty fond of their sound was touring to promote their new mix cd and were playing in town so we went and rocked out for a few solid hours of 70s heavy underground disco with a seriously appreciative crowd. Got home late (with a slurred smile) and got up this morning aiming for checkout and this train I’m now on to Manchester…

There’s been a bit of an adjustment while my ears ease into the accents here (imagine a jumbled mess of heavy phlegming on top of a heavy english accent), but we’ve met some really friendly people… Also met a few serious assholes, but it seems like a duality of extremes here – the people are either super nice and friendly or heavily angry and aggressive, either really beautiful, or seriously fugly – there’s no really grey area in between.

Glasgow was nice to visit, but I don’t think I’d ever have a need or real want to return – if I were coming back to Scotland I’d much rather spend the time in Edinburgh which seemed to have a lot more to offer as far as livability and atmosphere.

It is nice travelling somewhere where I can read all the signs, and I looking forward to seeing more of the UK through the summer… though it lacks the magic of Spain and Italy, it still beats touring through small-town USA…