Aloha, bitches!

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Popped over for 10 days in Kona, Hawaii to hang with my favorite ladies – my sister and her girls… Was a bit of an exhausting trip, but it was fantastic to be there with them, spend some quality time with my quickly growing nieces, make love to some sandy beaches, and see some familiar faces.

Highlight of the trip had to be the chance encounter with multiple pods of dolphins when M and I went out for a snorkel one random afternoon… We could hear them from the time we entered the water, and so we just started squeaking back at them. Didn’t take long until a couple shadows came out of the edge of perception to see who was chatting them up, and once they shouted back that we were chill, 3 schools of up to 40 dolphins each came out to play. The most amazing part was when I laughed out of sheer joy, I could hear some of the dolphins echo back my laughter. Of course, this caused me to laugh harder, and then more of them echoed it back. An unpredictable, magic moment of interspecies communication that I’ll absolutely never forget.


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So a few days of true vacation are doing us well…
Real well.

My sis lives in Kona, Hawaii and our family hops over for an early xmas and it lined up well with the travel schedules and some convieniently preplanned January romancing that led to this trip’s highlight: meeting my new niece. She’s little, and adorable and it’s fantastic to be meeting her at this age, where there’s just so much ahead…

Crafty webmanship landed us the greatest little oceanfront cottage at a bizarrely low rate (Tip: Low season = until Dec 13th… prices for flights and accom triple from 14th thru xmas). I’ve never been anywhere that’s quite this waterfront, as the deck literally is out over the ocean. It’s made us not so hugely eager to go sightseeing, as we’re pretty well off just napping and mai-tai’ing on the deck.

There’s a couple breaks right off the deck, and I spent the first couple days watching surfers gliding by until I’d had enough of the voyeurism and headed over to the Kona Boys surf shop across the street. They hooked me up with lessons, and whether it was the instructors or the years of snowboarding, something triggered and I was riding after my second wave. Went out again the next day for a bit, and the surf shop said that they’ll hook me up with another free day of riding for taking a lesson with em… Hoping the surf’s back up tomorrow to go play some more… Seriously loving it.

Chris had made the request that we check out the volcano as he’d never seen it, so we trekked over and up there yesterday. If you can manage to dodge the hordes of frightening bustour folk (USA! USA! USA!), this place’ll blow your mind. It’s jawdroppingly cool to see the size and scope of the whole thing up there, and put the power into perspective. Standing at the edge of a MASSIVE caldera with a lot of craters within (one even just started bubbling again) is an easy way to blow your mind. We hiked 1000 feet into a lava tube and found pitch darkness heavier than I knew possible. We wandered through a lava field where there’s over 23,000 petroglyphs. And it’s humbling to see the flows everywhere from different timeframes and you can see at times where it’s just eaten whatever’s in it’s path.

It’s kind of a way of explaining the overwhelming church-heaviness of this island though… I mean, whatever choice someone makes or whatever word they choose to apply to it is their business, but it’s pretty hard to doubt the interconnectedness and infinite beauty of the chaotic cacophony that is our world when confronted directly with the forces which continue to create the planet up to and including this moment.

Anyways – won’t be online much this week, but thought I’d throw some pix into my external memory pool before I head back to… uhm… Blissfully chilled out nothing 🙂